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Program Director, BSN Program

Reno, NV
Program Director, BSN Program

Purpose of the Position:
Responsible for the site supervision, development, planning, coordination, organization, implementation and evaluation of the nursing program activities. 

Job Responsibilities:
  • Plans, develops, manages, updates and evaluates all aspects of the program including but not limited to:               
    • Preparing and administering the BSN program budget. (NAC 632.665    
    • Faculty development and faculty mentoring programs.                                                                
    • Faculty and staff.                                                                                    
    • Clinical site liaison.                                                                            
    • Curriculum development and implementation.                           
    • Program compliance with Board rules and regulations; site visits. 
    • Student advocate.                      
    • Program policies and procedures.                                                                 
    • Faculty and student handbooks.                                                   
    • Supplies and equipment to meet program objectives.
  • Prepares data and other written materials for all required state and Board requirements: reports, proposals, self-studies, surveys and site visits.
  • Ensures  BSN program complies with written plans submitted to the Board of any substantial changes or sentinel events in the program or its administration (NAC 632.665).
  • Ensures instructional duties as prescribed by Board (NAC 632.665).
  • Ensures that all student and faculty records on site are initiated and maintained in all phases of student academic status; works with Human Resources to maintain required documentation of faculty and staff qualifications.
  • Assists with identifying and obtaining outside resources for the nursing program.
  • Develops and implements program policies and procedures.
  • Organizes and serves on program committees.
  • Oversees admission process and orientation.
  • Writes articulation agreements with nearby colleges detailing accepted course equivalents for the purpose of transferring into Unitek College's nursing program.  
  • Effectively serves as liaison between community and the college.
  • Accepts other duties as indicated to ensure consistency and meeting needs of students and programs.
  • Develops and ensures that educational partnerships with clinical sites are initiated and maintained.
  • Performs and or delegates a clinical site evaluation that includes a thorough assessment on the ability of the agency to provide Clinical experience that meets the objectives for application of theory and clinical course objectives. The assessment includes an analysis of risk, hazards and safety of all students, as well as ensuring adequate staffing to handle clinical objectives.
  • Meets with specific clinical faculty or agency educational representative to discuss and confirm number of students, faculty assignments, dates, times and clinical objectives. Completes and forwards BRN clinical approval forms as required prior to initiating clinical rotations.
  • Ensures that evaluations by students, clinical sites representatives, and faculty at completion of each clinical rotation and provides summary report to the Administrative Director of Nursing Programs, Chief Executive Officer and shares same with Advisory Committee.
  • Ensures clinical contracts are updated and maintained.
  • Ensures the minutes of inter-agency meetings are maintained.
  • Participates in Nursing faculty recruitment, hiring and orientation.
  • Actively participates and or ensures that nursing faculty meetings are conducted on a regular basis and adequate records and minutes of the meetings are maintained.
  • Participates in conflict resolution for faculty and students.
  • Ensures faculty is provided with teaching assignments and schedules for clinical rotations in a timely manner.
  • Initiates and maintains community relationships; advocates for and markets the programs.
  • Monitors quality of instruction and participates in faculty and program review, evaluation, and strategic planning.
  • Maintains membership and participates in activities of professional associations.
  • Interacts with other college entities as a representative of nursing interests such as counseling, registration and financial aid.
  • Provides advising support and degree planning assistance to potential students.
  • Provides input and ensures that students are properly oriented to nursing skills lab and clinical facilities prior to initiating clinical rotations.
  • Manages student appeals and grievances per policy.
  • Participates in the planning and review process for the recruitment and admission of qualified nursing students.
  • Advises and provide academic support to nursing students as indicated.
 Education and Experience:
  • Must hold a current Nevada RN license.
  • A Doctorate Degree in Nursing or Related field from an accredited college or University that includes course work in nursing, education or administration. (NAC 632.660(2)
  • A Master’s or higher degree in Nursing from an accredited college or University that includes course work in nursing, education or administration.
  • A minimum of one year’s experience in an administrative position.
  • A minimum of one year’s teaching experience in pre- or post-licensure nursing programs.
  • Have at least 5 years of experience as a registered nurse, 3 years of which must be teaching in a program of nursing accredited by a nationally recognized association approved by the Board or an agency authorized by law to accredit such programs (NAC 632.660(b).
  • Demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Excellent skills in oral and written communications.
  • Committed to diversity, as defined by Nevada law.
  • Ability to work effectively with a wide variety of people and institutions.
  • Leadership style that emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and facilitation.
  • Ability to utilize computer-based resources.
  • Demonstrated ability to build consensus.
  • Experience in supervision, planning, budget preparation and maintenance.
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