Enterprise Solutions Manager

Location: National, AA
Date Posted: 04-15-2014

The Background
Unitek Education has a large, experienced team of reps that exclusively sell NetApp storage training solutions to customers throughout the United States. In a 12 month timeframe, over 2,500 students nationwide take NetApp storage training that is sold by this team of reps. The NetApp training is delivered in on-site and Live online formats, and also in public format in locations throughout the U.S.

The Opportunity
Our current NetApp customer list includes hundreds of the Fortune 1000 companies, plus deep public-sector penetration (Federal, armed forces, Education). Unitek’s NetApp Reps are very successful because they are very focused – they only sell NetApp training solutions to their customers, and engage the customers through sales reps that are employed by NetApp Inc. So, Unitek is looking to hire experienced Account Executives to monetize the significant non-NetApp IT training opportunities that exist in these customer’s data centers. There is a enormous opportunity to monetize this active customer database by engaging customers to buy complimentary products such as Microsoft server training (data heavy products such as exchange, SQL and SharePoint are very commonly running on NetApp equipment), Cisco Data center training, and VMware and Citrix training. We estimate that the opportunity is at least 25% of our NetApp revenue.

The Plan
Unitek Education is seeking an Enterprise Solutions Manager (ESM) who will be paired with up to 5 NetApp Reps (250 activeNetApp accounts that we have made sales to in the last 12 months). We understand that ‘Compensation drives Behavior’. The NetApp Reps will be given a mandatory monthly/quarterly quota for non-NetApp training, and will have to help achieve that quota by introducing the ESM to all of their accounts. They will also pass non-NetApp leads to the ESM. The ESM will penetrate the account further, to sell non-NetApp products. The ESM will also pass any additional NetApp leads they come across back to the paired NetApp rep. The ESM will receive commissions on the non-NetApp business, and Unitek will also compensate the NetApp rep separately. Thus, a symbiotic win-win relationship will form between the ESM and the NetApp Rep.

Unitek Education will deliver the non-NetApp training in both on-site and Live online formats. Public format face-to-face training is delivered at our northern California location only. For students who want certification training, the ESM can enroll them in our Fremont boot camps (students will have to fly in or take the training in live online format).

Ideal Candidate
The ideal ESM candidate has many years of enterprise IT training sales experience, and must be comfortable talking with senior technical managers in large companies (NetApp is an enterprise product, and is typically sold to larger companies).

The ideal candidate is able to grow this opportunity by hiring, training and managing additional Reps. If the VP of Sales feels that the ESM is reaching goals, the VP may offer the ESM the opportunity to grow the business in this fashion, and will provide a modified compensation plan.

Lastly, the ideal candidate should also be able to grow the business by finding other data center training opportunities such as Hadoop or Brocade, and grow the business along those lines.

Reporting structure
The ESM will report to the VP of Sales for the NetApp division. Since all NetApp sales team members report to the VP of Sales, this will ensure that proper engagement processes are followed and appropriate rules of engagement are created.

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